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Is the Leaven UP! Program reimbursable by my health insurance?

Probably not. Insurance reimbursement is only possible when there is a diagnosable mental health disorder. In the event that the assessment reveals a diagnosable mental health disorder, you may be able to file your own insurance claims for direct reimbursement from your health insurer.

Can a husband and wife do the Leaven UP! Program together?

Yes. For married couples there is an optional additional module in which we can go through the results and recommendations together to help spouse understand each other and love each other better. Engaged couples can also participate in addition to the rest of their marriage preparation.

What if I am facing financial hardships and can’t pay the $1500?

We have a variety of ways to address financial difficulties. One way is to create a monthly payment plan and pay the cost off over time. In cases of severe necessity, we can write off a portion of the cost. Lacking capacity to pay is not an obstacle to completing the program. See the Fees and Forms page for more details about financial assistance.

I know I have some psychological difficulties. Am I still eligible for the Leaven UP! Program?

It depends on the severity of the difficulties. We can make a determination in the intake interview and decide if a standard psychological assessment is a better fit for you than the Leaven UP! Program.

Would this program be helpful in discerning a vocation to the religious life or to the priesthood?

Yes, absolutely. It especially helps in understanding hidden motives for wanting or not wanting a particular vocation, and conflicts around vocation decisions.

I am in a period of transition in my life. Should I wait until things settle down for me?

You don’t have to. This instruments in this assessment can parse out situation stress from more ongoing structural issues in the personality. Often transitions are good times for this kind of assessment and can inform how to approach the future.

What happens after I complete the Leaven UP! Program?

That depends on the results of the assessment and the details of your personalized plan. We will give you many recommendations and options. If you desire, one of our therapists can continue to work with you, but that is not necessary.


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